A Yoga Beginner’s Perspective!

Yoga, a year on: How far have I come? Are the efforts worth keeping up with?

I initially decided that taking action had become an imperative when finding myself struggling with sitting down; or more precisely the bending up and down involved. As for bending forward all I could reach a year ago was my knee caps.  Now, I thought to myself: “this is bad news considering I am supposedly in my prime” (i.e. my late 30s;  ok, very early 40s – nevertheless!). So, not wanting to see my range of movement continue to become increasingly restricted and determined to do something about it, off I went, a complete beginner and joined Helen’s yoga class at The Yoga Cloud! 

The going…
I have religiously kept to it: every week, hung-overed or not, whether tired, going through life drama or else….

So, a year on…
Physically, I can now reach my ankles when bending forward (a gain of 17 inches/ 43 cms in metric to be precise!) and that’s before the warm up.  So, happy me .  My core has really strengthened and there is no doubt that I have gained in flexibility and movement all round.

But perhaps the most unexpected benefit has been in mental strength and in a sense of grounding.  This along with other changes in my life is translating into a much greater ability to focus intellectually and thus increased effectiveness at work.  

Most of all, I have found Yoga to be what kept me together when going through some tough times (along with the support of some very good friends).  It was almost like a weekly monitor of my inner state, marking progresses on my journey back to happiness.

Now, does it get easier? Is it worth keeping up with?
Yes, definitely but as we are not here to stand still, some sessions are “a killer”.  All courtesy of Helen (!), but in a strange kind of way one gets to enjoy it.

So yes, the efforts are worth it.  I like feeling good in myself after the practice.  My body has grown to need it.  It has become a weekly fix.  

Yoga with Helen is definitely for me.  The difference being in Helen’s unique ability to describe each movement.  This means I know what I am thriving for and I know am doing it right and it really doesn’t matter whether I’m a complete beginner or an advanced Yogi. 

So, thank you Helen.  Looking forward to more yoga in 2016 (except for the chair pose that is ).

Words by Laure.

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