A Yogi’s Guide… to keeping well in the Winter!

Oh my goodness! It seems that everywhere I go people are dropping like flies, succumbing to horrid viruses resulting in sore throats, fevers, coughs, Sinusitis (hideous!!), Chest Infections, Tonsillitis, achey bodies……. and sad faces! Of course, we can’t avoid being exposed to such seasonal infections, not helped by the unseasonably warm temperatures but with a little preparation we can protect ourselves naturally, and in the event somebody shares their germs, minimise the effects and avoid antibiotics


Here’s how The Yoga Cloud keep the bugs at bay…..


   YOGACLOUD_Logo_2COL       Daily steaming

Using a facial steamer, bowl of hot water or soaking in a hot steamy bath. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil and breathe deeply. The steam wild help to clear out any congestion and make your skin glow whilst the oil is known to get in to the viral spores and prevent an infection spreading. Nature’s antiseptic.



Pop a few drops of Echinacea oil into a small amount of water and drink up to three times a day. I do this as soon as I feel a little run down.


Lemon & Ginger

A perfect start to any day. Simply squeeze half a lemon into boiled water with a small thumb of ginger. This will give your body a zesty kick start and makes me feel clean and light.


Epsom Salts

A big favourite in our house. Fill your bath tub as hot as you can take it so the bathroom fills with steam. Add a cup full of Epsom Salts to the water and allow to ‘melt’. For an extra boost, give your skin a quick body brush before sinking in to soak for a good 20 minutes. Aim to drink a large glass of water as you bathe. Wrap yourself in a large towel and allow yourself to dry naturally whilst you rest. In the morning shower to rinse off any remain salt



It can feel tricky if the weather is grim and a 10k run may not quite be what you’re feeling but taking a little time each day to be outside and breathe can work wonders for your soul! Take a gentle stroll or stand in the garden and take long slow breathes allowing your mind to focus on your surroundings.



I’d be a totally rubbish Yoga Teacher if I didn’t mention how important it is to stretch…..Every little helps. If you don’t feel up to, or can’t make time’ to get to class then simple set aside ten minutes to stretch and make space in your body…it doesn’t even need to look like Yoga!



YOGACLOUD_Logo_2COLOnions & Garlic

Right! Now we’re getting serious! This is immune boosting, throat & chest relieving and pretty grim! I was recommended this old German cure by a Pharmacist whilst living in Deutschland and cannot recommend it highly enough!




2 Large Onion

1 Clove of Garlic

Pan of boiling water

Manuka Honey (optional)


YOGACLOUD_Logo_2COLWhat to Do:


Slice onions & garlic

Add to boiling water

Simmer for 30 minutes

Pour the liquid into a mug

Add teaspoon of honey to taste & soothe your throat

(Hold your nose) Drink!



YOGACLOUD_Logo_2COLAromatherapy Massage


A good Aromatherapist will match your needs to the oils used. A regular massage can ease aches and pains in addition to boosting your immune system with some Lymphatic Drainage. I highly recommend Lisa http://www.lj-natural.com/


Stay well! xx


YOGACLOUD_Logo_2COLAll content in this Blog is the result of our Yogic exploration and not the results of scientific experiments!