icon           YOGA: derived from the Sanskrit word; to bind, attach, join and yoke

‘Yoga gives me space to breathe and to ‘be’, flexibility of body and mind, strength in my physical self and in my character ….and ease in my heart’ Helen Glen

‘The Yoga Cloud” offers clear, well planned, safe teaching with a sense of humour and a smile with highly qualified teacher. We aim to share the teachings of yoga both on and off the mat with  a range of classes  there’s one to suit your individual needs.

“…but I’m not bendy!” is the statement I hear often from people approaching Yoga for the first time. Please be assured that you do not need to be able to wrap your legs around your head or balance on your fingertips…. An open heart and mind is all you need, who knows where that might lead!!?? Yoga isn’t about pushing your body to its limits. Being able to twist yourself into advanced posture doesn’t mean you’ve gained a better understanding of what yoga’s all about, and it doesn’t mean you’re any closer to enlightenment than anyone else. So why rush? Take your time.

During group classes a variety of levels are offered within each Asana (posture) and you are encouraged to work at the level that is appropriate for you at that time. Please do not pressure yourself to go straight to the most advanced version…..often the journey is the best bit! Naturally, in a Private Practice, teachings can be adapted further to suit your specific needs and requirements

The Yoga Cloud offers the opportunity to commit to looking after yourself better both mentally and physically. It is about complimenting and enhancing your experiences in your daily life. Take a deep breath …… and dive in!!

Namaste x