I guess it’s time to accept that the heat of Summer is behind us and the temperature drops and the trees turn to glorious shades of gold and red we need to turn our attention inwards to nurture ourselves for the Winter to come. It seems that every other person I have met this week is sniffling or coughing their way into Autumn with a sense of inevitability….being a Yoga Teacher does not make me immune!!

In addition to introducing or maintaining a regular Yoga Practice here are a few tips to minimise your suffering this Pumpkin season……


        Keep the fluids up! Start each day with hot water & lemon adding a slice of ginger for warmth. Keeping your liver healthy supports your body’s ability to fight the Winter bugs.


Eat your greens! Seasonal eating is so important….think pumpkins, kale, sprouts. Eating seasonal foods is Nature’s way of nurturing us from the inside out.


Brush your body! A quick body brush before your morning shower helps to stimulate the body’s largest organ (your skin), rids you of dryness and supports your lymphatic system….who knew!?


Steam clean! Invest in a facial steamer, many come with a T-Zone steamer allowing you to focus on the nose and throat. Steaming twice a week will open up the nasal passages, cleanse away the germs….and make your skin glow!


Keep moving! It’s so tempting to snuggle under the duvet as the days get shorter but your body needs to move! I’m not suggesting you launch into Marathon training but a daily activity of 30 minutes when your heartbeats a little faster will keep a spring in your step! Of course Yoga is fabulous….look HERE!!…. for this terms classes and NEW prices…..No need to commit, you’re very welcome to Drop IN!


In addition to our classes for adults we are delighted to be offering ‘ YogaTeens’ Practices & Events. These classes offer space & time for Teenagers to find stillness, strength, flexibility & friendship….look HERE!


We’re enjoying this nourishing ‘Chicken Miso Noodle Soup’…..ENJOY IT………HERE!

BE IN TOUCH! Got your own tips for a healthy Autumn? TALK TO US!

SEE YOU ON THE MAT SOON!                                                                                                      


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