The Yoga Cloud brings Yoga teaching with a smile to Alderley Edge…….. Join us xx



We are delighted to announce the arrival of our classes in and around Alderley Edge. The Yoga Cloud offers a welcoming, safe environment and is proud to offer inspiring teaching whatever your experience, size, shape or need. Teaching is clear, well planned and safe teaching with a sense of humour and a smile. We aim to share the teachings of yoga both on and off the mat with a range of classes there’s one to suit your individual needs.


“…but I’m not bendy!” is the statement I hear often from people approaching Yoga for the first time. Please be assured that you do not need to be able to wrap your legs around your head or balance on your fingertips…. An open heart and mind is all you need, who knows where that might lead!!??

Pick your Practice….. Here’s a quick breakdown of our current Yoga Classes…….


An energizing Practice predominantly in the style of Vinyasa Flow. The word “Vinyasa” translates from Sanskrit as ‘to place in a special way’ or to ‘connect. In this practice we create a link of energy and connection from one posture to the next .


This Practice is for those between the ages of 12-24. The Yoga Cloud offers a safe and comfortable environment to be introduced to Yoga & Mindfulness. The Teenage Years are an exciting time of transition and we are so excited to be introducing a practice solely for this age group!


For many people this time in their lives can be full of questions and uncertainty. BUMPS Pre- Natal Practice has been especially created to offer safe effective Yoga Practice to empower and support you through this miraculous transition to Parenthood….


The Yoga Cloud’s Post Natal Yoga Practice offers a full spectrum yoga that can all serve to firm a foundation of physical emotional and spiritual health from which women can flourish as new mothers and in all the roles they play. It can and often d…


A class of two halves….We begin with by getting out in the fresh air with a 30-45 minute Power Walk/Run upon our return to the mat we enjoy a slow, powerful stretch and close with a deep relaxation…………… PLEASE EMAIL TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN THIS CLA…


“Meditation is a surrender. It is not a demand. It is not forcing existence on your way. It is relaxing into the way existence wants you to be. It is a let-go.”  ~ Osho PLEASE EMAIL TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN THIS CLASS x Place: Nether Alderley …

Private Tuition

Yoga works on many different levels and the results are unique to each individual. Whatever you hope to get out of yoga these one to one or small group sessions will do more than simply show you the way. There are many ways to alleviate stress and bring…


The Yoga Cloud group practices take place in the idyllic Nether Alderley Parish Hall, adjacent to St Mary’s this historic building provides a perfect haven to step out of the whirl of modern life.The Yoga Cloud offers the opportunity to commit to looking after yourself better both mentally and physically. It is about complimenting and enhancing your experiences in your daily life. Take a deep breath …… and dive in!!

Call or book online…………INVEST in YOU x

Namaste x

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