What’s going on??????………………………….Your Teens need Yoga!

The Yoga Cloud is so pleased to be able to offer a Practice that is purely for adolescents, young people between the ages of 12-24 (that’s not a typo!). Adolesence is the time of transition from Puberty to Adulthood and can be defined in three stages:

Early Adolescence-Age 11-13 (Approximate ages)

Middle Adolescence- Age 14-16

Late Adolescence- Age 17-25

Growing Pains! In their teens, children experience an amazing growth spurt to reach their final height. At their fastest, boys can grow by up to 9cm in a year and girls at a rate of 8cm in a year. It is little wonder that their brains, and Parents simply cannot keep up! This period of growth begins at the outside of the body, hands and feet expanding first…frequent trips to the shoe shop. This is followed by arms and legs. Finally, the spine grows. In boys the last expansion will typically be a broadening if the chest and shoulder, in girls this will be a widening of the hips and bust.

As their height increases, their centre of gravity lifts. This can happen so quickly that the brain may struggle to process the new rules for balance.  Aside from the physical pain often associated with this growth spurt many young people describe feelings of ‘awkwardness’, ‘clumsiness’ and not ‘being normal’.

Growing taller is one of the first signs that a girl is beginning to experience Puberty. In boys their growth spurt will happen at the end of Puberty. This allows boys an extra 2 years of childhood growth before the final growth spurt.

In girls the growth spurt is closely related to the arrival of the Menstrual Cycle. Once the ovaries are mature, legs have generally finished growing although the torso may still grow a little more. Boys will experience a large degree of muscle development after the skeleton has finished its growth.

Hormones! Hormones perform an organising role and an activating role during adolescence. They organise the way the brain is shaping and growing and turn on the changes in behaviour through the different stages in a human life.

Any Parent who has experienced (or currently dreading) the door slamming, mood swinging, head spinning expression of adolescence will acknowledge the huge hormonal changes occurring in their adolescents life. Watching this behaviour can be heart breaking for Parents, imagine how your ‘baby’ must be feeling!!  Families often experience adolescence with pain and bewilderment as if their once delightful child has been body snatched and replaced by a character form the ‘Exorcist’!! Add all of this with the cocktail of peer pressure, social media, exam worries, sexualisation, friendships, relationships, a global recession, (need I continue??) then it’s little wonder that our young people are experiencing higher rates of mental health related issues, obesity and long term illness than ever before…….We must empower them to transition into their adult lives with a stronger sense of self :

‘The key is to keep nurturing the thread of who she really is in life by encouraging the activities that keep her strength, perseverance, and self-esteem. At the same time, we need to understand that she’ll be going through some challenging changes’
Dr Christiane Northrup

The GREAT News!!!!! Through the teachings of Yoga & Mindfulness can help them and us to make this transitional time easier AND teach them skills that will support them emotionally, mentally and physically through all of the adventures their life may offer them!

The benefits of a Yoga Practice are many and varied….but here are a few but here are a few from a research project led by Leeds Psychology Department,UK in 2014. They founnd that the self-reflective element of yoga, improved concentration, emotional regulation, self healing and pain management in a small group of 11-13 year olds over a six month period.

The main results are found in this chart:


So, what does this mean??……..The term shifting states refers to the ability to consciously (with the help of yoga) shift from one mood (considered negative) to another, say from anger to joy. Personal achievement refers to the feeling of achieved something for oneself, whether it was a posture or school work as a direct result of their practise. With autonomy, this is an interesting look at how adolescents begin to make their own decisions and feel empowered to do this safely and well. The Yoga also showed raised commitment in everything the students undertook, they had the ability to stick at a task for longer. Socially, they stuck together more, there was one boy who remarked that a girl he didn’t like much, he had got to know in Yoga and now he didn’t mind her so much. Many of the boys particularly noticed a marked rise in their performance in sports such as rugby. (Amy Morgan 2014)

Want to know more? http://dev.creativelycoloured.com/yoga/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Poster-presentation.jpg

Finally!…. So, there it is, in black and white! There had already been a lot of research in the States done on the impact of yoga on education, particularly among ADHD and ADD sufferers, where their concentration levels had raised and also the class-room atmosphere had improved with Yoga. The Yoga Cloud offers and excellent Practice for your Teen. Helen is both an experienced Secondary School Teacher & Experienced Yoga Teacher. All classes are planned safely and appropriately to engage and benefit your young human being

…..The proof of the Practice is in the doing!! Please call or email for more

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